Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Power of We

The Power of We

"Of and by the people…"

I think this is a poem
way above me, but
I will give it a try

We, the people
have we ever been 
one people

We seem all at odds
seams that lash us 
together, yet apart

We the people
how do we 
together, come

There are certain 
natural rules
for humans

In the words
of Spike Lee
"Do the right thing."

We all know
the right thing
sociopaths excepted

We all do
the right thing
sociopaths excepted

So, that's how 
we're in this mix
sociopaths are winning


  1. Well, it does seem that some of the time everyone does the wrong thing..intentionally or accidentally. Except for the sociopaths who always do the wrong things!!

  2. Very unsettling to think the scoiopaths are winning!

  3. What a surprise and shocking ending! Well crafted!