Friday, August 24, 2012


Anniversary of 1992 Andrew, 2012

No one can tell me what just passed
isn’t an outer band, thunder still roils
tropical storm of great magnitude
thunder has given up roiling
it is legitimately roaring

The rain is a deluge, thunder
still roaring, an angry beast
this is no small storm, can’t believe
they were so naive downplaying it
It is coming on strong, raining hard

slowing down, dripping, roaring
roaring, pouring, I think we might
float away it is a magnitude storm
you’ll read it on the news in the morn
with coffee due to electricity

Wind is roaring through the ficus
the gutters are pelting down
the news says its unrelated but I
know they’re wrong, we are in 
for it one and all

This poem is linked to Poets United: Poetry Pantry.


  1. I am breathless as I read this poem, Willow. You have captured the intensity and strength of the storm you are in the midst of. I do hope it is not a hurricane, is unrelated to Isaac, will not be another Andrew. Stay safe.

  2. Roaring & pouring and naive & believe were paired very nicely.

    I second what Mary said.

  3. Whew! Lots of great descriptors that made me feel right there in roiling atmosphere. Great write.

  4. This is not funny -- a worrying time for you all.
    Good to encapsulate it in such fine words, reminding me of a Cape Cod hurricane we lived through years ago. Best wishes for an easy passage.

  5. The whirling chaos and manic energy of the storm is beautifully captured in this poem!

  6. Oh how I hate these storms and you captured the welling anxiety as they approach.

  7. used to live in florida and there was always the threat...and been through some pretty vicious storms as def capture some of the intensity....

  8. Must have been tough in '92! Didn't recall this. But vivid in mind was what Katrina did. The destruction was pretty bad and politics had a heyday. Nicely written Willow!


  9. Great enjambment in this poem. Your choices added to the strength and power of the storm.

  10. A powerful imagery of a storm - i hope that all has passed now and that you are safe and not in the path of the current tropical storm in the Caribbean

  11. I've never experienced the kind of storm you describe, but thanks to your poem I feel I have! You portrayed it perfectly... I could feel the anxiety... I also could decipher a deeper meaning from it as I currently am feeling an emotional storm coming and am hoping it doesn't get this bad. Great poem.

  12. What a very scary situation to find yourself in right now. A natural happening for which there is no 'off' switch. I pray that you will be safe and well.


  13. So rivetingly described I held my breath and felt the fear. When Mother Nature looses her fury, it can be awe-ful!!! Hope you made it through without any damage.

  14. Awesome poem. Very strong images you paint here with your words. Thank you for such a strong sounding poem.

  15. Love the building intensity of this poem! Very strong work.

  16. I love the intensity of this piece although this is a time of worry for all of you--hope all continues well, if intense---

  17. Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my poem. Bands of rain and wind and occasional thunder continue to pass us, and Isaac is still 150 miles away. They say the worst of it will be tonight. I prefer daytime storms. Since beginning my response the rain and wind and thunder have picked up. I hear a neighbor has started their generator making sure it works if the need arises. We didn't start ours, but did a couple of weeks ago. It is a fuzzy gray world with huge green ficus looking out of the gray, a good day to read poems.

  18. You must live in hurricane country. I've never experienced one and hope I never do.

  19. WOW What a rough and poignant description of such a terrible natural disaster. Greatly done, Willow

  20. Oh dear, Willow, I held my breath while reading your poem, could almost feel myself there from your intense words that just kept getting more intense. "in for it, one and all" gives me chills. You say the worst of it will be tonight. Stay safe, let us know how you are.

  21. With more hurricanes on the way this week, my thoughts go out to those who have suffered in the past and continue to do so. It cannot be easy living in the path of storms.