Sunday, August 26, 2012


Bands keep coming
as they did night before 

I sit out in it  
remember the precursor
to what is now

green sky all day deluge
been wind raging
we’re homebound

I click on the cursor
my world lights up
connected to the internet

Yet, I can’t leave the storm
for it is all around us
swirling the ficus trees

Thunder abounds and now
sirens and I wonder who
would be out there in this

Thunder echoes
wind shakes trees to their essence
they hold

So do we


  1. A little scary. Baron runs and hides in the closet here. I notice but keep on reading. But then we don't have hurricanes here in Bluff Country...

  2. Willow, you describe the roarings and rumblings of nature so well. I don't think I would be sitting outside watching. I would be inside cowering. A fine write.

  3. I've never been in such a violent storm, Willow, but thanks to your poem, I feel that I have. Yes, hold on!