Friday, August 17, 2012


She sashayed underneath her crown
with skeletons beneath her feet
she wore her gem ancestral gown

for what was going on downtown
with skeletons beneath her feet
she danced and danced and danced complete

she thought him nice beneath her feet
she thought him sweet with every frown
she liked his mustache sweetly brown

she thought he had the best in town
and he could brush her real sweet
whenever she would lay him down

with skeletons beneath her feet
she liked to dance the dance downtown
she sashayed underneath her crown


  1. Beautiful, Willow. I love, love, love the repetitions. "With skeletons beneath her feet" is a bit ominous though. I smile at 'she sashayed underneath her crown."

  2. Willow, this poem is so much fun to read aloud. I love the form and your word play.