Wednesday, August 15, 2012



An island
thirteen miles long
two miles wide
of skyscrapers

one would say
densely populated
yet people get along
you have to get along
in the city

Manhattan is magic
microcosm of the world
from rats rich or poor
to the multitude

Manhattan is horns
from the outer lands
impatient to get home
whether from work or art
that disturb our peace

We hate horns, but drop
hate because it only 
accentuates aggravation
as we walk the street
try to sleep

I grew up on Manhattan
my Mom lived there
I wish she had lived
to join me
revisit her dear city


  1. Willow, you have brought Manhattan to life in this poem. I'd love to visit that 'microcosm of the world' again. It indeed is 'magic.' Yes, indeed.

  2. nice...manhattan is magical.. visited in march this year and fell in love with that place..i too loved the many different people living and breathing side by side..

  3. Under a macro lens of words Manhattan fills the view

  4. smiles...i rather like manhattan...i love all the people and textures, so much to see hear and do....i wonder if i lived there if i would love it as much...

  5. this city is quite magical. I have always enjoyed visiting, walking around, and enjoying its ambiance. No horn honking from me!

    a very touching end.

  6. yes, you have to get along in a big city. That's why I like living out in the country -- we can all terrorize each other on a daily basis :)

    But seriously, what a wonderful, wonderful poem.

    wish I'd grown up on your island. Got to visit it a few times.

    And I bet your mom has read this poem in her heart.

  7. Splendid ode to Manhattan, Willow. I fell in love with this city years ago and hope to return sometime again.