Friday, September 9, 2011



Early, dogs smiled along the lake
sunrise peach pink purple palette
clouds reflected in gentle ripples
baby ducks cruised with parents 
I felt as though I walked in a Monet
exquisitely beautiful gentle peace 

back by nine I turned on the news
one tower billowing black smoke
I dropped onto the hassock in shock 
a plane they said with excitement
my heart caught between beats
I felt etched in stone unable to move

they thought it had been an accident
I watched as another plane plowed
an explosion into the second tower 
I couldn't fathom what I was seeing
my heart still caught between beats
I heard the announcer shouting

frozen in place not breathing I stared
finally the horrible reality registering
I called my husband tried to tell him
stammering, sobbing, planes, towers
turn on a TV, terrorist attack, I heard
him saying my God, my God, my God

Come home, I told him, come home


  1. Oh, Willow. I hear you, I hear you. You have expressed the feelings of panic so well. My heart pounds......with yours.

  2. Oh my, Willow. I am there each moment with you as I read this horror taking place. I'm so glad you wrote such a powerful poem to capture that day and what you felt; what I felt, too. Incredible poem.

  3. From the serenity of a beautiful morning to the horror that was reality, you captured this well, Willow. I felt those same feelings of panic you describe so well.

  4. This one really has such universal feelings expressed so well. Excellent the way it shows how out of the blue the 9-11 attack was, literally.