Sunday, September 4, 2011

Always War

Always War

Pallid women
quivering blooms
go about their day
war torn streets
studded hordes
men with guns
bar everyone going
about daily activities
children birdlike crawl
Moms hitch them
back up to safety
the rack awaits 

for Sunday wordl: crawl, rack, pallid, women, blooms, quivering, studded, hordes, hitch, bar, good, birdlike


  1. Willow, this is frightening, chilling, a unique perspective. Wow!

  2. Oh Willow, this is what so many experience. We are blessed to live in America, and not have this be our norm. Thank you for shedding light on it. This is an excellent piece.

  3. Willow, it is a frightening scenario. Well wordled.


  4. Wonderful. Not everybody has a great life.

  5. "children birdlike crawl"

    It is the children who are victims of war that evoke my pity--and my outrage--most.

    Whirl 20: Kyrie Eleison

  6. What an incredible wordle. You make such sense and meaning from these random words. Just incredible (and terrifying)!

  7. You capture all the horror of a war torn country, Willow. And the children, oh my, the children. Your poem touches me deeply, especially knowing its truth. As Bob Dylan said, When will they ever learn....

  8. Another great whirl with words. I hate that there is always war.