Wednesday, September 14, 2011



today was not such a good day
but I know tomorrow will be fine
for there can't be two bad days
in a row I toe the line

In a row I toe the line
say prayers when I go to bed
to the great amorphous head
who I believe is inundated
too much demand in a sad world

Seven billion souls, say a fourth 
are praying for forgiveness
a fourth for wishes for the dying 
half for wealth or health or both
but God keeps creating

God almighty keeps up with demand
yet we still don't know why prayers
seem never answered
loved ones die, God knows why

in a row I toe the line
our only succor is to believe
there is a reason, a design
a place in heaven after we
traverse this earth of sorrow

Seven billion souls and growing
God gets greater everyday
except faith gets weaker
as prayers drift off with no answers
little specks afloat in atmosphere

tonight the moon is full
I like her pure whiteness
she doesn't promise anything
except her monthly cycle


  1. Diane, I hear you. Prayers drift off with no answers. How to keep the faith. I will have coffee with my minister, the one who conducted D's service, in a short time. I will ask her that. How to keep the faith. There is so much I do not understand. Your poem expresses so much so well!

  2. Another strong poem, really makes me think. They say most prayers are answered, we just don't understand, but when bad things happen to people we love despite our prayers, those prayers really aren't answered.

  3. I have always thought of prayers as a sort of meditation, the only answers whatever peace I can gain by sorting things out, clarifying what I hope for. Then again I think ALL things are possible, so who knows. I am sure it is all beyond my small human ability to understand. This poem made me thing, very strong.

  4. Your treatment of the question of prayer is strong, brilliant, and inspired, Willow. I also really like the form you used, is there a name for this form of poetry?