Friday, September 9, 2011


I Respect Fire

I know camp fires
burning marshmallows
on shaved forked sticks
sparks like tiny fireworks
glow of firelight on faces

I loved wood fireplaces
stoked up on a snowy night
the crackle and hiss 
blue orange red colors
flames dancing to music

I have seen conflagration
lumber yard burned to nothing
I watched from a bridge above 
I watched a barn burn down
thankfully no animals present

I packed my car ready
watered my roof while fire
ravished the hill above
firefighters walking woods 
plane dropping chemicals

I have seen burned bodies
skin turned to melted plastic
I can't imagine the pain and
I wished them dead for their
own sake, one child died

I respect fire


  1. Willow, you have captured the horror of fire! I respect fire too, never want to be ravaged by it.

  2. I love this poem. It starts out so calm and mesmerizing and ends with wild fires out of control. From peace to fear. All from fire. Wonderfully done!

  3. Willow, I like how your poem builds slowly from the very beginning and on to its tragic conclusion. Yes, although I love it for the reasons you stated, I respect fire too.

  4. Another Wow poem. Such impact especially the last part. The many guises of fire.

  5. Powerful poem, reflects the amazing fascination with fire yet its destructive power that sometimes can't be stopped or controlled. Very timely with the nearby wildfires.