Friday, September 9, 2011



Culling from experience
responses as to who I am
I think I will be less about me

I think I will sit back
not put myself out so much
quiet, watchful, nonplussed

I will not be reactionary
not come on too strong
not belabor my views

I will not share my soul
my deepest secrets
to be used against me

I will be careful for me
not give my heart away
for it is never safe

A heart can be broken
into bleeding pieces
hard to put back together

Culling from experience
I will trust my instincts
I will be more particular


  1. Lord, I hear you, Willow. I had thought I had learned who to trust my heart with, but there sometimes still are surprises. Will it stop me from trusting? Perhaps a little. I would hope not...but... I will be more particular too!

  2. This is so sad and I do hope that it was just a mood. I hope you never stop trusting and putting yourself out there. The toll paid for keeping yourself out of danger of pain is a high one..too steep. Hugs to you.

  3. Painful poem to read, Willow. I hope you stay your wonderful self, though, and just maybe a bit more cautious. As you said, trust your instincts. I hope this pain lessens very soon.

  4. So excellent, culling from experience to protect your future. Painful to read but strong in the end.