Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bucket List

I would like to live alone
for a while before I die
in a quiet place of waves
birds, bees, breeze
find my rhythm in harmony
without the dictates of mother
husband, children, job, world
with planets, moon, sun, stars

I want to eat when I want
what I what or not eat at all
read, play music or stare at the wall
walk on the beach, lie on the beach
sit on the beach, play in the sand
pick shells, agates, feathers, glass
watch the sun set and moon rise
watch the sun rise and moon set

I want a small place, great room
bed, bath, lots of windows and a
studio, easel and paints, camera
kaleidoscope, iPod, telescope
binoculars, laptop, iPhone
pots, pans, a few dishes, bowls
teas, teapots, cups, a journal
books of poetry and prose

I would like to be alone with me
look in the mirror and say, "I know
who you are."


  1. That is a beautiful wish indeed! I agree - you need quality time for being yourself.

  2. Willow, I love the sentiments expressed in this poem. I think that everyone, at sometime in one's life, needs to have that alone time! I wish you this time.

  3. This is a wonderfully sane list. I hope you achieve it.

  4. Beautiful! I Identified with this and saw everything as you described it. Wonderful. :-)

  5. Your bucket list sounds lovely to me, Willow. I really identify with this and it really speaks to me about the need to have ones own space.

  6. Ha! Guess what? I LIVE your bucket list, only without some of the ipods and iphones:) When one gets old, one's children grow up, and discovers the absolute delights of solitude. I very well remember the turbulent years of kids, partners etc. and of longing for silence and quiet and alone time. You shall have it one day:) Enjoy your peeps now, it all goes by so darned fast!