Friday, February 4, 2011

When God Was Handing Out Love

When God was handing out love
I thought he said look above
behold my creation the turtledove
entranced I missed my chance
the turtledove flew away at a glance
when God was handing out love


  1. This Is so sad, Willow. I understand though, but consider your dog who loves unconditionally!

  2. This makes me laugh and I see by the previous that it can be taken a whole new way. I love this as a little ditty. At any rate, it makes you think.

  3. stunning sentiments.

    Welcome Join Jingle Poetry Potluck week 21,
    Feel free to share 1 to 3 old poems or random poems, cheers.

    Love your talent demonstrated here,
    Hope to see you share.

  4. Ha! this made me smile.......been there, too:) when God said "brain" I thought he said "train" and I missed mine, hee hee! Good poem though, seriously, I'm just feeling goofy. Perhaps have to step away quietly from the poetry pantry for a while, hee hee!