Friday, February 4, 2011


Squashed yellow moon just past full
shadow of the Americas on its face.
Is this a sign, the universe speaking
or just an illusion? One more year
according to the Mayan calendar as
Cairo erupts, Alexandria. The bible
says it begins in the middle east
the end, that is. We seem to have
been striving for it for ten years.
Though there have been centuries
of wars with the middle east, lines
drawn in sand where empires swell
and shrink while evil eye observes
our gluttony for oil. The black blood
that courses through Mother Earth
powers us, illumines us, drives
nations to capitalize on unrest.


  1. I love this! I am captured from that first descriptive line and wish for more just on that concept. Is that the universe speaking? Amazing thought. Then comes the scary truth. Yikes!

  2. I loved this poem, love the vantage point, the truths about discord and oil.....powerful writing, "drives nations to capitalize on unrest." Wow.

  3. Enjoyed this very much.

    'Squashed yellow moon just past full
    shadow of the Americas on its face.
    Is this a sign, the universe speaking
    or just an illusion?'

    Wonderful writing.

  4. capitalizing on unrest, indeed.
    excellent poem.

  5. A very thought-provoking poem for these times.

  6. A powerful piece indeed. You did well to capture the state of our world. To make such a bad topic poetic and worth reading is talent. You did just that! xoxo Nith

  7. The end is always near, so the song says. One can't help but wonder, watching Egypt, though.

  8. This certainly speaks, in a beautifully poetic way, to the unrest and discord coursing through the middle east. I recently tried to address some of that here in Tucson with my poem, Say PEACE. Here's the link if you want to check it out:

  9. lovely words.
    have fun with your muses.

  10. Willow,
    Your words are reflecting the reality of our world and the worrying stage we have arrived at.....

    Best wishes, Eileen

  11. The universe is definitely speaking to us all the time. Your interpretation of the message is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    My Poetry Pantry poems: The Likido Diet, Mood Rings of the Future, and Smiley Sociology Study #3 – Time Travel (a link exchange / writing prompt).

  12. Diane, your interpretation is insightful. Yes, the universe speaks. A most splendid poem, even with its tragedy.