Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Blues

Blues of Winter

I long for a taste of winter
wimp that I am I don't want
winter that feels like forever
but I grow stale on summer

I miss seasons, hills, hardwoods
miss cool summer evenings
mornings fresh when I open the door
fireflies caught in a jar

I long to bring in wood in fall
a fire in the fireplace
the copper color of hills
going to winter

I miss hills haired with trees
imagine deer and bear run free
opossum, rabbit, beaver, fox
wish for wolves and coyote

summer winter respite from
cold, shoveling snow, slush
wrapping up, keeping warm
driving on slippery roads

I walk on the beach
appreciate the ease
see the weather on TV
and can no longer relate

blues of winter


  1. Willlow, I understand this sentiment. It is nice to have a change of seasons. If only, however, winter was VERY short lived. (2 weeks. LOL.)

  2. Wow, what a picture this paints. "hills haired with trees" and "catching fireflies in a jar". I understand your sentiments. Too much of a good thing is rather dull at times. It takes about a week of being in the snow and cold to sing the praises of "dull" though.LOL This is a recent happening. I've always wanted cold. :)