Friday, February 25, 2011

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

I can't feel you
are you really
out there or are
you like Santa
there have been
times when I
have felt saved
by your protective
presence, at my
lately I am lower
I don't feel you
but I am reading
a book that attests
to your existence
I wonder if I am
blocking you to
insure my belief
that you don't
exist, that you
are not my hope


  1. I have always wondere about guardian angels too, Belle. Somehow I think they exist in the form of other humans.

  2. This is interesting Belle. I think that if you do believe, then like Santa, it's so. I think it takes a miraculous happening in our own lives to really say yes, I believe, and even then, like me, you question it.

  3. Crises of faith always lead to some facet of personal growth. I've never heard anything different. And I believe questing is necessary to know of our own divinity. Your choice of words and cadence are so pleasing to me. Nice.

  4. An angelic intervention when I was 16 years of age proved their existence to me. Angels most often work indivisibly in our reality. But when they appear to us, we convince ourselves that we didn't see that we saw and that He or\she did not do that which was done. Keep in mind, Faith is the substance of things hoped for but the evidence that we are looking fore remains unseen