Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inside Alzheimer's Disease


It is lonely in here
there are two of us
who travel together
we seem separate
as trains on different
tracks we pass
not caressing or

It is lonely in here
he is on a track
going in a straight
line to nowhere
he can't get off
he can't turn around
I am his


  1. Willow, this is painful, creatively written, and real. The way you worked this concept astounds me.

  2. Being with people doesn't keep you from being lonely (thinking of the universal parts of this poem), Willow. This is painful and so true.

  3. I posted about Alzheimer's last year. That poem was one of 25 picked up for my upcoming chapbook. I think a collection of these would make a great little book with merit. Perhaps we should sponsor a contest and pub. one!

  4. Well crafted poem. I love the style. Also it is such a sad journey. You captured it well.

  5. My Madea followed this path to its end in February of 2010. I comprehend the pain and appreciate the life lived as well as the life to be lived for we are all promised a day to die and an eternity to live; Believe It or Not.

  6. Thank you, all, for your wonderful comments. Kim, what a great idea to sponsor a contest and publish a collection of poems on Alzheimer's. Sam, I am sorry that this was also your path and I am sad for your loss.