Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Clouds Like Bruises

They scud angry
bolts of lightning
rent the atmosphere
bruise clouds that
drop their tears over
pale pink lower lids
melt mascara down
painted pink cheeks
forced lips smiling


  1. Never thought of clouds like bruises before, but the way you have described clouds and rain here is amazing!

  2. I think of college girls I knew a long time ago, "socialites", crying through the makeup, not wanting anyone to know they were hurt, vulnerable, human. THis poem brings back so much, a very sensory memory of being in an elevator with a beautiful blond in formal and emeralds, whose tears seemed to shame more than pain her.

  3. Wonderful descriptive images in this. In addition to the clouds like bruises, I like "scud angry" , "rent atmospher" and "teardrops" of rain. The shift to focus on the faces is interesting too. Excellent.

  4. wonderful poetry, Willow! Bruised clouds is such an unusual turn of phrase, a powerful turn.

  5. Wow, what beautiful imagery. I really like this poem!