Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Silver Bead

Silver Bead of Water

A silver bead of water blossomed
at the end of a copper faucet
reflecting ball it mirrored all 
around me

purple mountains graying
cacti and sagebrush
sand and red mesas
sun unrelenting

beaded blossom a last drop
on my tongue, the faucet dry
the desert hot, I knew I was
french fried


  1. Intensely creative images. No surprise. The ending expresses truth in a surprising way. Makes me smile at the sad situation.

  2. This is beautiful in images and devastating in content. I hope that thirst is not the death of the planet. I went to an art exhibit yesterday which focused on the Delai Lama, and there was much there about waste and conservation, one exhibit especially about water and a container showing the amount,80 gallons, that is the minimum for each citizen of the world. It made me think of your poem, which I had already read.

  3. This one about the silver bead of water is excellent too. I love the idea of the silver bead blossoming on the faucet. Perfect. The twist to harsh dry truth at the end is particularly strong after the images at the beginning.

  4. Such tragedy in this poem, Willow. Very well crafted!

  5. Sad story that made me laugh at the end. Strange sensations and your descriptions are incredibly real.