Saturday, June 18, 2011



I love the thought of a soft place
quiet, dark, no sensory stimulation
a gentle place without stressors
just for a while
an escape from the bombardment
of everyday life
the noise, the news, the horrors
my sleeplessness
worries, hunger, fear, anger
to wrap up snug and safe
to rest and gestate and then to fly
on iridescent wings flower to flower
sipping nectar, just a worm born
from a cocoon, I want back in the womb 


  1. imagine the proprioceptive busyness!
    from soft and roundy to spindly and fine
    with whole new appendages
    one of the most amazing transitions in nature
    would certainly be mind altering
    along with everything else =)

  2. I wonder if we don't all have our cocoon's to "disappear" from the bombardment of life sometimes. I understand the desire to escape into a nice, safe cocoon. I think we have to produce our own image in our mind of what that feels like and hold on to that. We can all come out as beautiful butterflies and fly away. (oops, took it one step too far.LOL)

  3. lovely if you can turn yourself into a butterfly following the self nurturing and hibernation...

  4. Lovely poem, Willow. I wish we could all enter our own "cocoons" at the push of a button. I guess we can only create a cocoon for ourselves, for example, my cocoon is the sea.