Tuesday, June 21, 2011


*The Surveillance of Arrogant Trees"

I never thought trees arrogant
surveillant from their vantage point
tall could allow for arrogance
looking down from above

trees are simply impeccably trees
they are without agendas
except to grow up and out ringed
in beauty

I never thought trees arrogant
I like to think of them so

while I sit elfin beneath them 
too often too full of myself 

silent they lumber above my head

myriad species, myriad gifts
furniture, homes, sustenance, oxygen
inspiration for painters and bards

The Surveillance of Arrogant Trees  

*a line from the book: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski 



  1. there is such comfort in the knowledge that trees are impeccably trees

    beautiful poem

  2. Yes, trees are just trees. Beautiful trees. Making the world beautiful for us, a shelter for animals. If they are arrogant they have reason.

  3. Trees do help me shed my own self importance, a process you describe well in this poem.

  4. Just trees.... They need to be nothing other than just trees, which is more than most can truly understand, but you do, Willow, you do. I weep for every downed tree I come across.

  5. Lofty, noble , arrogant trees. I can see it all but most of all I just see the beauty, the just beauty as you do.