Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Headlights swept the yard
full of giant burdocks
the house came into view
porch listing toward the walk
gray slivered boards
rusted metal roof
windows boarded here and there
missing teeth one or another
uncovered, smashed, let someone
in to sleep in a bed, cook a meal
the moon shone full over trees
matched headlights until 
I drove away and then there was
only the moon glinting on what was


  1. I love the ending, speculate on where the person is going now after having left what was under the light of the moon!

  2. I like this as kind of a Zen koan, what is left when we don't see it? I like the idea of the moon as witness.

  3. So very vivid! I can just see the scene you are describing, almost feel it. Excellent again, my friend.

  4. Oh Wow, Willow! I want to know more. Your poetry is super, and you could also make this into an intriguing short story!

  5. This poem is just beautiful. I can see the house so well and the good bye is one we all say over and over again. Bravo!